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Alexa and Stwo

Stwo OB-1 flash recorder working with Alexa camera. OB-1 can record fully uncompressed DPX frames to removeable flash media. Signals include 60P, 444 1080P, Arriraw V3.0.

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SR Memory recorder - image

Here is an image of the new Sony SR Memory 1TB card recorder.

SR Memory is capable of capturing 8 stream of 1080P HD on one card, or 4 3D rigs.

This looks like an early version, the full version will probably surface next year.

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F35 12bit Production - Sony PR

The New, Enhanced Sony F35

Enhanced Capabilities Deliver 640 to 1000
Exposure Index and 12-bit Production Workflow

PARK RIDGE, N.J., June 4, 2010 – Since its introduction, Sony Electronics’ F35 camera, with its full RGB 4:4:4 capability from image capture to recording has become widely accepted for its high picture quality. The wide dynamic range of the F35 enables scene luminance exposures with a superior Signal to Noise performance. An 800 Exposure Index can effectively be achieved using S-Log to ensure capturing 12 stops of dynamic range.

The F35 is being enhanced this summer to deliver a more effective exposure index workflow at ratings from 640 to 1000, making it ideal for the demanding lighting conditions of motion picture, episodic television and 3D productions. In order to make the best use of the camera’s superb image quality, Sony also plans to upgrade the F35 to real time 12-bit RGB workflow capabilities later this year with its next-generation HDCAM-SR recoding technology.

“The F35 was designed to grow and adapt with the changing demands of high end production,” said Satoshi Kanemura, vice president, Beyond HD Production Solutions for Sony Electronics. “The enhanced tonal reproduction capabilities of the F35 will help to preserve its place as an industry leader.”

In addition to enhancing the capabilities of the F35, Sony has been actively participating in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Image Interchange Framework (IIF) Project for next generation motion picture workflows and will be supporting IIF and the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES). The F35 has been used on several high-profile motion pictures, and numerous episodic television programs.

F35 12bit & 800asa

Sony is announcing an upgrade to the F35 camera with a new range of features designed specifically to enhance the dynamic range, tone and color gradation. First introduced by Sony two years ago, the F35 is widely regarded as the industry’s leading high-end digital cinematography camera and forms the blueprint for Sony’s 35mm product range. The upgraded F35 includes an ISO 800 Hyper Gamma and S-Log 800EI setting to offer outstanding performance in low light conditions, and the ability to output a 12-bit signal in the near future. The SRW-5800/2 will also be able to record this 12 bit signal, helping post production to deliver a higher quality output.

Rogue Digital owns and rents F35s to the Features and TV markets worldwide.

Sony 35mm Prime Lenses

This is a CAD rendering of the 3 Sony PL Primes introduced this week with Sony’s affordable PMW-F3 35mm sensor camera. The 3 Primes, as part of the F3K package, will add about $7,000 to the cost of the camera-only package. That’s about $2,300 a pop. It appears that definitive focus index marks are lacking, probably to keep costs down. This is strange, but it isn’t the end of the world: some 16mm primes and zooms also just have numbers — no lines. You pay for what you get. The workaround will be a roll of 1/4″ wide white chart tape. Attach the tape to the focus scale on the lens. Mark off your critical focus distances with a Finepoint Sharpie marker. Use a tape measure to position the camera, and then eye focus on a target (Siemens Stars work best).

F35 S-Log

S-LOG Demystified

S-Log is a gamma function applied to Sony’s electronic cinematography cameras. Since S-Log can reproduce the entire tonal range captured by a CCD or CMOS imager, the S-Log image can be described as the “Digital Negative” of the image acquisition process. Shooting in S-Log will enable the cinematographer to decide the exposure value by using a light meter, and offer a smooth transition from film acquisition to digital acquisition. S-LOG is a Sony technology and is broadly supported in the post production process. S-LOG relates to the PMW-F3, HDCAM SR F35.

S-LOG in Post Production: FilmLight’s TrueLight – S-LOG Color management

FilmLight is a manufacturer of film scanning, color grading and color management systems. Truelight is a complete film color management system for pre-visualizing film images on electronic display devices. Truelight lets you view the final look of the film at any point in the digital post-production process. Truelight also is available as a software Plug-in for compositing environments such as After Effects, Photoshop, Shake, Nuke and Digital Fusion. Realizing the need for S-LOG, LUT management in the workflow is a compliment to HDCAMSR and the PMW-F3 and F35. S-LOG color management process using the TrueLight plug-ins.

Cinedeck Extreme V2.0 Review

Link here to our review of the new Cinedeck Extreme published in HD Magazine Online.

New file based recorder using SSD drives and recording Cineform, ProRes and DNxHD.

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Rogue Digital Magazine Vol 02.

This link will take you to our November 2010 edition of Rogue Digital Magazine. Featuring the folowing :

Codex Onboard - Review with the F35
Cinedeck Extreme - New look at this uncompressed recorder
Data Wrangling
Data Management

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BBC Shoot "Behind Closed Doors"

Just wrapped shooting with Viper to P2. Recording 10bit 422 in HDStream Log the images were recorded to P2 media.

These images were then handled by a new media management company who archived and delivered the rushes to Post.

Image here of Viper with P2 recorder.

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