Monday, 28 February 2011

Kit in India for Arriraw workshop

Alexa camera with OB1 on top shooting Arriraw.
Rogue Digital

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Arriraw Testing in India Feb 26th 2011

Rogue Element Films

In Hyderabad in India now showing Arriraw to the great and good. They are loving our workflow and right now ordering us to supply kit for upcoming Features.

Rogue Digital
The best
Daniel Mulligan

Monday, 14 February 2011

S.two V3 support Feb 2011

February 4, 2011


The v3.0 release for ARRIRAW T-LINK on the ALEXA camera is fully supported by S.two. We are pleased to confirm that all OB-1TM on-board recorders can record all versions of UNCOMPRESSED ARRIRAW.

A simple software update provides full RAW recording support, real-time visualization, and playback. No hardware modification is necessary.

S.two was the first manufacturer certified for ARRIRAW T-LINK, and OB-1’s are in use around the world with ALEXA and D-21 in RAW. OB-1 supports sync timecode and remote stop-start from the camera head for full integration of a RAW/DTE 'dual record' workflow.

Easy to use uncompressed workflow, supporting all Alexa modes including high speed and RAW, is completed with the S.two FlashDock. It features real-time playback of full raster RAW under edit control, high speed transfers of uncompressed .ARI V3 files, and available archive to uncompressed LTO. S.two has become the worldwide leader in uncompressed recording and workflows with customers in 22 countries.

Rogue Digital is the UK supplier for all S.two uncompressed workflow solutions for bot Arriraw and 10bit DPX recording.

Call 07866 447564 for full details.

S.two 400mb/s Flashport 2011

S.two announces FlashPort I Transfer Station for FlashMag™

In response to requests for a low-cost, high performance transfer station for files captured on FlashMag solid-state magazines, S.two has introduced the FlashPort I. Capable of moving DPX and .ARI (Arriraw) files at speeds up to 400 Mbytes/sec, FlashPort I uses an industry-standard Fibre Channel interface and comes complete with host software and an optional host bus adapter (HBA) and cable for seamless integration into popular Linux, Mac and Windows workstations. The Linux version is available immediately, with the Mac version scheduled for release in January 2011 and the Windows version in February.

Rogue Element Digital is now the sole UK supplier of OB1 and S.two digital film making equipment. Call 07866 447564 now for full workflow and kit supplies.

BECTU DFT/DIT Training in Glasgow

Daniel Mulligan, MD of Rogue Digital, conducted two 1 day seminars for local crews looking to become DFT/DIT digital technicians in Glasgow, Scotland.

The course was a roaring success so much so that Mulligan has been asked to return and conduct more courses based around cameras such as the Alexa.

Covering all aspects of the role of the DFT/DIT for todays digital imaging Mulligan sepnt the whole days discussing expected roles and equipment required.

For more information on upcoming courses call Rogue on 07866 447564

Friday, 4 February 2011


Rogue Element Digital Feb 2011

Rogue has helped develop the workflows for the new Alexa camera delivering full V3.0 Alexa Arriraw.

Now its your turn

Rogue Element Digital
Feb 2011

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Arri Firmware V3.0

ARRI has just completed extensive testing on the new ALEXA Firmware 3.0, due to be released in early February. It includes so many new features that ARRI has decided to release a Beta version to allALEXA owners a few weeks in advance of the official release date. This will allow ARRI to receive valuable feedback on the performance of the 3.0 upgrade from its growing ALEXA install base prior to the firmware’s official release.

Here are the key features of the ALEXA 3.0 firmware.


  • “Tropical mode” – Peltier temperature control setting for the ALEXA sensor, for use in high humidity environments


  • ProRes playback off SxS cards in camera – viewable in the EVF and on the Monitor Output
  • ProRes Dual recording to both SxS cards at the same time, for instant backup in camera
  • Single frame grabs to SD card


  • HD-SDI 3G 4:2:2 single link recorder output for frame rates up to 60fps
  • “Variflag” frame flagging on output for off-speed recording
  • Independent output options – REC709, Log-C or DCI P3 (Digital Cinema Initiative standard) can be independently selected for HD-SDI REC OUT, MON OUT and/or ProRes SxS card recording


  • Line Level Stereo Audio input – recordable in ProRes and also embedded in the HD-SDI output


  • “Smooth Mode” – lessens visible shutter refresh judder in the viewfinder
  • False Color Exposure Check – for more accurate in-viewfinder exposure checking


  • EI 3200 – ALEXA’s sensitivity can now be set from EI 160 to EI 3200
  • New Color Processing – Significantly improved from previous firmware, including new Log-C Wide Gamut, Log-C Film and DCI P3 color matrices.


Metadata will be included in the HD-SDI video output, the HD-SDI ARRIRAW T-link output, in the QuickTime metadata atom and in the FCP XML file on the SxS cards. Frame grabs in the ARRIRAW and DPX formats will also include metadata.

In addition to the Firmware 3.0 release, ARRIRAW is about to go online with support from recorder manufacturers, post-production companies and the ARRIRAW partner network, all focused on deliverables in the coming weeks.