Wednesday, 27 April 2011

SR Tape Shortage

Has the recent worldwide shortage in SR tape stock caused any issues for upcoming Productions? Why not shoot data to file based recorders and recreate the SRW1 workflow with DPX files. Alexa, F3, F35, F65 and more can all record to data recorders and Rogue Element has been shooting this way for over 6 years. Call us now for a quote and shoot your Production uncompressed to disk.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sony F65 Camera

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One of the worst kept secrets of this year’s NAB was Sony’s new 4K camera the F65. Sony is aiming at recreating the 65mm look with digital cinematography and has come up with some technology and specs that deserve respect. They are calling the F65 ‘true 4K resolution and beyond – at the point of image capture’.Can’t think who that quote is aimed at.

Sony’s new F65 has a unique 8K image sensor, with approximately 20 megapixels, and a 16-bit RAW output, for end-to-end 4K mastering workflow.

“Sony’s new F65 digital motion picture camera combines true 4K resolution with an expansive dynamic range that enables a more nuanced reproduction of fine textural and tonal details,” said Curtis Clark, ASC. “Along with excellent contrast and exceptional colour reproduction the F65 produces images that have a rich filmic look and feel, providing filmmakers with significantly enhanced creative photographic possibilities.”

At the heart of the F65 camera is Sony’s newly developed 8K sensor, which will deliver HD, 2K, and 4K resolution today – and Sony promise will go far beyond 4K in the future, as the industry needs to evolve. The Sony imager is also the first to provide a dedicated green photosite for each pixel in the 4K output image. This is twice the amount of green resolution compared with traditional 4K Bayer pattern sensors, promising an improvement in image resolution that is ideal for VFX processing.

“Sony already has a successful track record in developing 4K technology, with our 4K digital cinema projection system literally re-defining the movie-going experience,” said Olivier Bovis, Head of AV Media Business, Sony Professional, Sony Europe. “However, Sony is committed to driving every aspect of a 4K workflow – starting with acquisition. This camera is the pinnacle of 30-plus years of research, experience and engineering breakthroughs and is the latest example of Sony’s ongoing pursuit of the highest quality content creation and production.

“The 8K CMOS sensor can run up to maximum 120Fps. This sensor performance combined with 16 bit RAW output makes the F65 the first image capture system designed from the ground up to support the Academy IIF-ACES, Image Interchange Framework, Academy Colour Encoding Specification.

“The F65 has also been designed for multiple production applications, including 3D rigs and Steadicam, and will offer a detachable camera T-head for these configurations. In addition, an optional mechanical rotary shutter will be available for completely eliminating motion artefacts that are inherent with other CMOS sensor technology.”

A dockable SR memory recorder – model SR-R4 – attaches to the camera to record directly onto an SR memory card of 256 GB, 512 GB or 1TB capacity with data security and sustained throughput of 5 Gbps. The recorder will enable ultra high speed recording of 16-bit RAW data.

“A 1TB memory card recording at 24 fps will store 50 minutes of footage in 4K 16 bit RAW. As with previous generations of CineAlta systems, Sony continues to work closely with the industry to develop this next generation digital motion picture camera technology and storage, workflow system.”

Alexa Studio Camera

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Today Arri complete the programme of three ALEXA cameras that they announced back in 2009. The original ALEXA followed by the ALEXA Plus and now ALEXA Studio. ALEXA Plus was announced at
last year’s IBC in Amsterdam. The Plus is a ‘back to Arri dealership’ mod to the ALEXA and Arri have reported that 70% of Alexa owners have chosen to upgrade.

Now there is a new ALEXA, the Studio. (Differentiated in a similar way that the ArriCAM and ArriCAM Studio are). Arri are quick to underline that ALEXA is their platform, one that will be improved upon as and when the technology allows. The new family member is the one that many have been waiting for, the one with the optical viewfinder. The Studio’s optical viewfinder system, Arri say, will pass the performance of the ArriCAM and in fact any that Arri has made up to now. The complexity of producing a rotating mirror shutter system in a digital environment is why there aren’t many around, the only other is on the Arri’s D21 system.

With ALEXA Arri are trying to mirror their film camera logistics. You have ArriCAM Studio, ArriCAM Light, 435, and 235. All these cameras work on a typical feature film but do different things. They are used differently but produce inter-cuttable images. With the three ALEXAs Arri want a similar situation. Products differentiated on functionality not so much on basic performance. The picture quality remains the same. Of course on the Studio camera you can do anamorphic but with 16:9 you may have a Studio for a well controlled environment, a Plus on the shoulder and grab shots with the ALEXA.

The Studio then will have the new optical viewfinder and a 4:3 sensor with the total pixel count is 3392 x 2200 (27.98 mm x 18.15 mm). The active pixel count is 2880 x 2160 (23.76 mm x 17.82 mm).

The sensor is the same as the previous ALEXA cameras but in that camera the signal processing only deals with the 3-perf part, 16:9 area, the top and bottom of that area are not used and not powered. The Studio’s signal processing goes beyond that to include the rest of the sensor and so the camera will be more power thirsty.

ALEXA Studio will have the same recording capabilities with the SxS the same as with the other two models, also for RAW and uncompressed.

Arri hope that there will be a working prototype of ALEXA Studio in the autumn of this year, perhaps IBC. The price of the Studio will be more than the Plus in the region of EURO90,000 which is less than the proposed price back in 2009 which was around EURO130,000.

The processing of the Studio with the ALEXA’s original dual path approach and full sensor path mixed with the 21st Century answer to optical viewfinders is at the heart of this new camera design.

Arri has been true to their word as far as schedules are concerned and now we just have to wait and see how good Studio is.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Brand New Bracket!

Rogue Element builds brand new Alexa brackets for S.two OB1 data recorders. Due to popular demand for Arriraw and uncompressed recordingfrom Alexa, Rogue Element has developed this brand new bracket to allow for easier placement of the recorder on the rear of the camera and also for much simpler Steadicam use. Only Available Exclusively through Rogue Element Fims.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Free Transfer

Rogue Element Digital is pleased to offer a free transfer to and from our Midlands based Worldwide HQ from any location in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham for all our clients courtesy of Prestige Chauffeur Services.

Arriraw 3D Test Today

Rogue Element supplies S.two OB1 recorders and G-Tech eData drives for full Arriraw 3D test today. Full workflow test in 7 days.

MPF for 2011

New Mobile Processing Facility for 2011. Allowing full resolution playback on location plus for Arriraw at 3K, HD at 2K, Epic at 5K and full 3D playback and verification. Shoot, edit, deliver and master on location with instant playback and review capabilities.

Brand new for 2011

Brand new for 2011, Arriraw Digital Lab Facility. Full 3K DPX playback, 3D playback, 3D LUTs, Full colour timing pipeline and delivery, dailies and full large screen playback for all your Arriraw Cinematography. Full details coming soon.

Testing today

Testing today 3D Arriraw capture and delivery. Full testing results coming later.

New for 2011!

Mistika 3K DPX DPL for Arriraw: New for 2011 is Rogue Elements new Arriraw DPL, Digital Processing Lab. This unit will allow for full Arriraw processing, debayering and delivery on or near location. Full announcements after NAB 2011.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Disney Project!

Rogue Digital supplies Great Ape and Disney uncompressed data magazines and full offload data equipment.

New Headquarters!

Brand New Worldwide Headquarters now open for business. All new Arriraw department open for full 3K DPX play background analysis.

Arriraw Project

Rogue Element Films consults for 3D Arriraw Project.

New Staff

Rebecca Ryan is now the new Office Manager for Rogue Element Films. Due to rapid expansion Rogue Element is now taking on more staff.