Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Digital Cinema Processing Lab

Rogue Element has been developing a full digital cinema processing lab allowing for archiving of footage, creation of editorial files, cutting Avid rushes, and 2K QC screenings on location.

For a long while now, and first used on a BBC Drama shoot, Rogue Digital has put in place fully mobile digital processing lab to allow productions to take full advantage of the workflows and immediacy digital photography brings to the equation.

Rogue Element Digital

Custom built temporary mobile labs

At Rogue Element Digital we custom-build for productions a digital lab, from the ground up, based on the Productions customised workflow. After the project, we dismantle the lab and repurpose the gear. Building such a temporary lab is a relatively new concept in digital production. At Rogue we firmly believe that as more productions go digital, post and lab services will go mobile also.

Rogue Element Digital

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sony F35 12bit Processing

Sony F35 Camera Now Offers 12-bit processing Sony Electronic’s F35 digital cinematography camera system.

Having been used on several high-profile motion pictures, and numerous USTV episodic television programs the F35 35mm Digital Camera is being enhanced early in 2011 to deliver a more effective exposure index workflow at ratings from 640 to 1000, making it ideal for the demanding lighting conditions of motion picture, episodic television and 3D productions. In order to make the best use of the camera’s superb image quality, Sony also plans to upgrade the F35 to real time 12-bit RGB workflow capabilities later this year with its next-generation HDCAM-SR recording technology. Since its introduction, the F35 camera, with its full RGB 4:4:4 capability from image capture to recording has become widely accepted for its high picture quality. The wide dynamic range of the F35 enables scene luminance exposures with a superior signal-to-noise ratio, and an 800 Exposure Index can effectively be achieved using S-Log to ensure capturing 13.5 stops of dynamic range. In addition to enhancing the capabilities of the F35, Sony has been actively participating in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Image Interchange Framework (IIF) Project for next-generation motion picture workflows and will be supporting IIF and the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES).

Rogue Element Digital supplies the F35 for rental with new EI exposure software loaded into the cameras.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Arriraw full sensor DPXs

Rogue Digital has completed testing with the Arriraw format and can now deliver full 2880 x 1620 3K DPXs de-bayered.

This allows for more headroom within the frame for pan & scan and when converted to 2K for delivery the rendered images are that bit sharper.

Rogue Element Digital

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Online Cinedeck Extreme Review by Rogue Digital

Rogue Element Digital reviews the new Cinedeck Extreme.
HD Magazine publishes review by Dan Mulligan of Rogue Digital looking at the new Cinedeck Extreme.

Sony F3 and Cinedeck

Rogue Element Digital is pleased to be one of the UKs resellers for the Cinedeck Extreme data recorder.
Combining this system with the new Sony F3 35mm Camera we have an extremely cost effective quality recorder and a shooting package that, for the cost, will be extremely capable of delivering very high quality images at a considerable cost saving to other systems.

File based recording with full bandwidth images, F3 and Cinedeck, a great solution.

Rogue Element Digital

USTV Shows shooting Stwo OB-1


Link to TV shows shooting S.two OB-1. Include Lie to Me, NCIS-LA, Law & Order, Nurse Jackie, Brothers& Sisters and more.

With F35s and Alexa cameras providing the images OB-1 is recording fully uncompressed DPXs for the maximum in quality, recording full bandwidth images from the cameras imaging devices.

Rogue Element Digital supplies OB-1s to the TV and Features industries.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Arriraw - 12bit .ari file support from Rogue Digital

Arriraw - Unprocessed 12bit Digital Negative.
Raw uncompresed data, extended dynamic range, full sensor resolution allowing for maximum flexibility in post.

Uncompressed 12bit raw Bayer sensor output provided by the Alexa is best described as a digital negative that needs to be processed. To work and deliver Arriraw certain tools and workflow practices are required, which Rogue Element Films has been supplying for many years now since the D21.

Recording the Arriraw 12bit output requires Arri certified T-Link recorders, of which we supply from Stwo and Codex, two of the leading exponents of uncompressed image capture.

Arriraw .ari file needs to be processed digitally and transformed into your chosen file format or worked on natively with certain software applications. Native support allows for its full flexibility and convenience.

Arriraw is the full raw output from the sensor, a 12bit raw data feed thats unprocessed and unaltered and is delivered and captured as uncompressed data so zero image information is lost.

Rogue Digital

Alexa Arriraw workflow

Sunday, 5 December 2010

OB-1 S.two

As one of the first companies to standardize uncompressed, digital, file-based capture and workflow, the S.two OB-1 recorder and continues to be used on a number of episodic television shows and feature films.

S.two OB-1 444 DFR recorder-main page


OB-1 main page for the S.two OB-1 recorder.

Rogue Digital supplies S.two digital film equipment.

S.two Flashdock for 444 uncompressed delivery

S.two Ships FlashDock

S.two Corporation has added the FlashDock transfer station to its family of uncompressed digital film production solutions. The FlashDock is a portable editorial ingest and archival station for FlashMag solid-state magazines from the OB-1, S.two’s onboard digital film recorder.

Supporting uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB and raw data — including ArriRaw — the FlashDock provides multiple transfer target interfaces, including dual-link HD-SDI, eSATA, USB 2.0, Gbit Ethernet, RS422 and SAS. FCP-style XML and Avid-style ALE metadata files are generated and made available over Ethernet or to a USB device for automated editorial ingest. An optional Expansion Chassis provides two half-height LTO3/4 drive bays and is powered from the FlashDock for true on-location archival backup capability. The FlashDock is capable of operating on 100-240-volt AC or 24-volt DC power, and is designed for use on remote shoot locations, in the studio or in a post facility.

“This is the workflow component that our OB-1 customers have been looking for,” says Chris Romine, president of S.two. “It is economical, field portable and facility friendly, and satisfies both dailies generation and backup requirements with a user-friendly touch-screen LCD interface.”

The first FlashDock production units have begun shipping to sales and marketing partner Band Pro Film & Digital.

Rogue Digital supplies the Flashdock for its OB-1 systems.

S.two OB-1 supports 3D

S.two Corporation has announced uncompressed 3-D capture and workflow support with the latest version of its successful OB-1 onboard recorder for digital cinematography.

S.two's OB-1 Supports 3-D

S.two Corporation has announced uncompressed 3-D capture and workflow support with the latest version of its successful OB-1 onboard recorder for digital cinematography.

The upgraded OB-1 has full 3-D recording capability for two digital-cinematography cameras at 4:4:4 or ArriRaw T-Link 3K. Utilizing “quad link” HD-SDI for two streams of uncompressed 4:4:4 recording and playback, combined with onboard monitoring, external timecode and remote start/stop capabilities, the OB-1 is ideal for any 3-D-based production using high-end digital cameras.

The OB-1 is part of a full portable 3-D workflow that also includes the latest version of S.two’s FlashDock transfer station. Featuring automated real-time editorial dailies, data-based redundant archive to optional built-in LTO drives, RS422-controlled dual-link HD-SDI output and fast lay-off to e-SATA hard drives, S.two calls the FlashDock a “3-D workflow in a box” for all file-based or Sony SRW applications.

“With the growing popularity of 3-D productions, we have introduced quad-link support for dual 4:4:4 cameras as a free upgrade for all OB-1 users,” says Steve Roach, vice president of S.two. “Quad link also turns on 4:4:4 to 60p and vari-frame recording for Arri D-21 cameras as well as 50 fps ArriRaw, and positions OB-1 for full Alexa support. These upgrades continue S.two’s commitment to keeping our customers at the leading edge of technology at minimal cost.”

Online Online Exclusive

Alexa shoots with Stwo OB-1 DFR


This link shows the new Alexa shooting uncompressed on the OB-1 DFR for its World Cup test shoot. OB-1 can be seen attached to the camera and the steadicam rigs.

Rogue Digital shoots OB-1s for Alexa & F35s