Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Arriraw - 12bit .ari file support from Rogue Digital

Arriraw - Unprocessed 12bit Digital Negative.
Raw uncompresed data, extended dynamic range, full sensor resolution allowing for maximum flexibility in post.

Uncompressed 12bit raw Bayer sensor output provided by the Alexa is best described as a digital negative that needs to be processed. To work and deliver Arriraw certain tools and workflow practices are required, which Rogue Element Films has been supplying for many years now since the D21.

Recording the Arriraw 12bit output requires Arri certified T-Link recorders, of which we supply from Stwo and Codex, two of the leading exponents of uncompressed image capture.

Arriraw .ari file needs to be processed digitally and transformed into your chosen file format or worked on natively with certain software applications. Native support allows for its full flexibility and convenience.

Arriraw is the full raw output from the sensor, a 12bit raw data feed thats unprocessed and unaltered and is delivered and captured as uncompressed data so zero image information is lost.

Rogue Digital

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