Thursday, 16 October 2014

Early RAW DNG file example and download

The next step is to record an image. Many questions, possibilities can arise from the actual method of capture. True RAW uncalibrated images can be recorded but look very unappealing and need full processing to create useable versions, but you do have the full images sensor information to play with.

Less processsed, or as we see them RAW images already pre-processed, can be delivered with encoding applied such as Log curve, making the images available instantly to be worked on.

Plus the wrapper that then contains the image. This example uses DNG but you can create your own .abcd file format (say .axi) to then record/save your image sensor data inside.

Below is a link to a RAW DNG download as an example of a 4K image that is captured directly from the image sensor. It is a DNG file and may need to be converted via DNG convertor as the Axiom does not at this stage record full metadata which would allow the file to be seen via DNG SDK software. I converted this non metadata DNG to a new DNG again and the image then became available to me in software such as Resolve 11.1 and Assimilate Scratch Lab.

Download link :

RAW DNG unprocessed example followed by graded version below it :

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