Friday, 17 October 2014

Open Source - Thoughts

New platform for open source.

Rogue Element wants to help promote the use of open-source software in the public and private sectors. Initially we are looking at Open Cinema but would look to broaden this in time.

Open-source software is software that does not conform to traditional software licensing models and can be used and distributed freely.

We believe open-source software is good for economies and costs and for the empowerment of the practitioners.

The Rogue website will make information available to allow those wanting resources or support for open source-software. We would love to be the central point for all conversations about open source and particularly its place in modern digital film craft.

It is not only servers and cloud-based applications where open source has a place, but also in the software that those craft principles can use every day. Most potential users would perhaps focus on a tiny subset of a softwares functionality.

Most computing devices now run on some form of open-source software. Google’s Android is a good example. Some smart TVs also run on Linux

Adopting and moving to open-source software will allow also allow developers to fill the gap left by the transition and long term move away from licensed to open-source software. With open-source software, it is not about limiting anyone, we just want to ensure that the majority of the computing we do happens on open-source software. Its very good for skills, and it allows us to write our own story and encourage development of skills.

Thank you,
Daniel Mulligan
Rogue Element

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