Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Arriraw Arri posting on CML - Rogue beta tests ARRIRAW

Below is an email from Neil Fathom regarding the status of ARRIRAW right now. Rogue Element Digital has been involved in the beta testing of the ARRIRAW format as mentined below providing kit and support. We are committed to ARRIRAW and now have full v3.0 Alexa support and full post workflow options for 2011, right now.
Regards Rogue Element Digital, Jan 2011
"Firstly a thank you for all the interest on CML regarding the status of ARRIRAW, which is a very important part of ALEXA™ ongoing development during 2011.
To clarify where we are at the moment - ALEXA with ARRIRAW is Beta testing successfully world-wide for several major Feature and Commercial productions, most of which are due to enter principal photography in the coming weeks. The various camera crews, DoPs and Cinematographers involved in testing are extremely happy with the reliability of the Beta software, and the quality of the ARRIRAW footage they are capturing is of the highest standard.
We are convinced that ALEXA™s ARRIRAW recording capability will offer a dependable digital solution for the Commercials and Features market and will position itself as the uncompromised, uncompressed RAW recording format of choice.
More news about ARRIRAW performance, certified recorders, workflow options and the full extent of the ARRIRAW partner/post-production support program will be posted early in February when the ALEXA v3.0 software update is formally released ... so please bear with us until then and in the meantime, if you are Beta shooting ARRIRAW, thanks for your commitment, support, and feedback.
Neil Fanthom
Head of Global Strategy,
ARRI Digital Camera Systems

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