Saturday, 15 January 2011

Stwo OB1 - 444 on the move

It's here – The lightest, smallest self-contained uncompressed recorder for HD, HD444 and raw production. Weighing in at under a remarkable 7lbs (3Kg) (including the removable FlashMag) and drawing under 20W of power, the OB-1 completes any digital cinematography camera, making them un-tethered, light enough for handheld or Steadicam operation, and powered directly from the camera. Not only is it light and low powered, the OB-1 is fully solid state and is completely silent in operation with no fans for those close up sound shots.

OB-1 fits onto most cameras and supports their native shooting modes. Use with ARRI D-21 and Alexa for uncompressed ARRIRAW recording to 3K including anamorphic support or shoot up to 60P with full ramping and variable frame rate support. It even allows multi-cam support for 3D and advanced recording formats.

As it’s from S.two, OB-1 reflects our unparalleled on set experience garnered through more than 80 feature movies and hundreds of other projects shot around the globe. It has full external timecode support, dual channel analog sync guide audio inputs and full trigger and tally I/O. With a host of easy, intuitive operating modes, the OB-1 is designed for any user to walk up to it and get it going without training or experience. The main screens reflect the operating modes with color codes (Red = Record, Green = Play, Blue = EE / ready to record) allowing the operator to tell status even from across the room.

OB-1 features the removable FlashMag – S.two’s new solid state high capacity high bandwidth on board storage magazine. It features up to 30 minutes of uncompressed DPX file storage. Unlike other flash based solutions, the FlashMag is designed for the rugged environment of shooting film in any situation. Featuring multiple levels of internal media redundancy the FlashMag can shoot for years of trouble free production.

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