Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dan Mulligan has new blog with Definition Magazine

Welcome Dan Mulligan with a new Blog - Databank, musings from the datacentric world, starts with a look at Hassleblad

Dan Mulligan is an experience cinematographer, but more than that Dan is interested in pushing the boundaries of his art. Since HD cameras became commonplace Dan has been designing workflows and pushing for the best practices to create a digital industry based on rock solid skill sets.

The Databank Blog will reflect Dan's discoveries and include his musings on the way data recording is changing the face of digital production. While Dan works on the biggest movies and TV productions, his Blog won't exclude the technical advancement in other industries. In fact his first posting below talks about the progress of the Medium Stills Format and what video could possibly learn from it. This format is designed to encourage feedback and comment so please take up the opportunity.

Enjoy the new blog.

Rogue Element Films Jan 2011

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