Monday, 8 June 2015

Axiom Beta Development April 2015

It has been a big year for Apertusº and their Axiom beta camera. As an Open Source camera system it has come more alive during this years NAB in Las Vegas and has now begun recording at 4K resolution for testing. Below is the team at NAB :

The development and continued research into this camera is very exciting and over the next few months we will be updating and blogging all the news as we come to it. Among the news is new CDNG files to play with, which we will be processing and testing, plus new developments for Open Cine software allowing for mounting and delivery of your RAW CDNG (Cinema DNG) files.

Above is an image of the Axiom beta build of which the test images have been recorded.

It is an exciting time and Open Source Cinema is arriving for 2015.

Daniel Mulligan
May 2015

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