Monday, 8 June 2015

Processing the Axiom CDNG file

Major milestone reached! AXIOM Beta: Hello World! First raw still captured. 

Above you can see the downloaded RAW CinemaDNG file and above is a link to download the file to test yourselves.

To process the CDNG negative we decided to use Resolve from Blackmagic. The reason for this is that their own cameras record RAW files also as CDNG so already has the ability to manage and process this format and also allow some adjustments.

The CDNG file downloads as such below :

and through Resolve it will automatically mount the file and present it. The file will default to standard settings to make the image appear as above, CinemaDNG Default. 

We then selected the file and right clicked to select Edit Cinema DNG Codec Settings and selected clip and changed the Color Space and Gamma to BMDFilm :

From here we then can grade the image for final delivery :

It is worth noting this is just the very first test image and has some features missing that would be present in a final version from the Axiom release version, but it gives a reasonable demonstration of how the CDNG files would be processed and then  be available for full output to your dailies deliverables.

Daniel Mulligan
June 2015

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