Monday, 8 June 2015

Open Cine Software - Development June 2015

Open Cine - Cinema DNG Clip Manager

Reviewing and Sorting Footage
- Import DNG sequence that was shot with a raw camera (Apertus or other) into Open Cine
- View footage in real-time
- Mark unneeded clips, rate good clips, write comments for each clip later a filter can be used to hide  all the bad/unneeded clips. Director could now review only the good ones and continue working with them.

During the continuing development of the Open Cine software for the mounting and management of CDNG media (and other flavours) there are naturally points of the build that require dressing at many points in the life cycle of the software.

Everything is available online through GitHub and Fabricator for the source code, and QT5 is used for the UI build.

Here we have some examples of where the software development is at this stage in June 2015, later we can elaborate on getting closer to the final release version.

The examples below are frame grabs from the software and are very early examples of the build to this date, and not close to any beta release.

Open Cine - You Tube early run through

Open Cine - Clip Manager early version

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