Monday, 8 June 2015

Axiom Developer Edition - Beta 1

Early AXIOM Beta I - Developer Edition

First Generation: For Developers

This first generation Early AXIOM Beta I - Developer Editioncontains the entire PCB stack envisioned for the complete Beta camera, but there are some things that are intermediate solutions or are not fully populated/integrated yet. Therefore we clearly state that this first version the Beta is intended for software and hardware developers primarily. People who want to use the Beta for film-making with a good technical background might already be happy with this hardware, but this version is not for people who expect a finished product yet. We want to give you a full and honest overview of what works and what does not work or has limitations currently:

- Early Beta comes with no enclosure
- The image sensor and sensor board design is final
- Early Beta comes with OS (Arch Linux) but only test firmware for FPGA - software updates will be                                  delivered frequently online
- Lens mount: passive e-mount with Canon EF or Nikon F mount adapter (both passive)
- Tripod mount (1/4"-20 thread) available on the Canon EF/Nikon F lens adapter only
- Interface Board is an interim solution with limited capabilities. (only half of the sensor connections are available, thus only half of the maximum bandwidth can be achieved, as a result the optional 180° rotation of the sensor board is not available yet)
- Power supply with 5V DC only - either dual 5V DC (2500mA) or one larger 5V adapter (5000mA)
- Current Power Board is an interim solution (dynamic changing of internal supply voltages not yet supported: using a different image sensor module in the future will require manual reconfiguration of power board)
- Single HDMI 1080p60 module available
- We might already have a triple HDMI 1080p60 module available at time of ordering (if not you can get one at cost later on as well if you are a crowdfunding voucher holder)
- No HDMI 4K module available yet
- Triple PMOD debug module available
- LED matrix debug module available
- Cmosis CMV12000 sensor only currently (different image sensor modules will be available later on)
- Camera controllable only via Ethernet (SSH) or Serial Console (USB)
- Camera webinterface GUI not working yet (will be fixed with software update)
- Screw-on IR/UV cut off filter required (we will offer these for purchase)
- Beta has no Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) - some people consider that a good thing :)
- Swapping out image sensor module for a different type is not plug and play yet (requires manual reconfiguration of power board)
- Early Betas come without color calibration yet (we want to develop this process together with the community)
- Current Beta Mainboard is an interim solution (no configurable data routing to/from shields yet) - new board revision that takes care of this already finished and will be tested soon, if it works we will use the new design in your Beta
- No addon shields available yet (Genlock, Timecode IN/OUT, Trigger, debug, breakout, etc. shields will be available later on)

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