Tuesday, 16 June 2015

AXIOM new ecosystem more info

AXIOM Ecosystem launched

AXIOM Ecosystem launched

The AXIOM ecosystem offers a communication-platform for already planned developments and services around the AXIOM cameras. The underlying idea is to offer a platform for the community to promote DIY-experiments, with the possibility to develop and offer their professional services in the future. This can be rentals or repairs, but also more advanced services such as rugged housings, individual modifications or even something completely different to what we can think of now. The initial launch of the AXIOM ecosystem will be used to collect feedback from you (the community) to assist with further developing and improving the system in the future. The launch of the AXIOM ecosystem marks an important step for us that will ensure the growth of services and products around the project. The ecosystem acts as the “backbone” for innovative products and services, and is open to the general public. This means you can offer your services and expertise here with the whole community and a large audience interested in Open Source cinema.

With the launch of the AXIOM ecosystem we are presenting a database of local, as well as European and worldwide offered services, matching supply and demand by location. The first step of the ecosystem represents an overview of expertises provided by the community, that are currently mostly educational and development based - but has the potential to drastically expand in the future as soon as the AXIOM Beta, and subsequently the AXIOM Gamma, cameras are in circulation.

You can find the current map here, if you want to add yourself to the database, you can do so by adding the information to the "ecosystem"-tab from your personal profile (or sign up if you do not have an account yet). A step-by-step guide of how to use the ecosystem can be found in the apertus Wiki.

The current categories in the ecosystem are:
  • Operator - you own an AXIOM and/or are familiar with operating it.
  • Rental - you plan to offer your AXIOM camera(s) for rent.
  • Repairs - you offer fixing or upgrading AXIOM cameras locally.
  • Hardware Customizations - you are planning on creating new modules or adapting existing ones; either as service or as an individual product.
  • Software - You plan to or already are creating software for and around the AXIOM platform.
  • Addons & Accessories - anything that can be used with the AXIOM platform, sales or services.
  • Training and Support - sharing AXIOM related knowledge in trainings, workshops or as consulting services.
  • Personal lending / rental - you are offering to share your camera with someone who is interested in it - not meant for commercial rental (which has its own category)
  • apertus° ambassador - you are interested in introduce the project and philosophy to your local community (or already are actively doing this)
  • other - anything not covered by the other categories

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